Commercial Solar PV

Renewable Energy could help your business if you are looking to achieve…

  • a reduction in your energy bills
  • lower your carbon footprint
  • future proof your energy generation

How we make a difference to your project

As rooftop solar PV arrays become a consistent element of refurbishment building specifications it is vital that these schemes have a cohesive design approach that embraces all elements of the project at the planning stage. Understanding the building’s energy profile, the impact of the array on the building’s fabric and using the highest quality equipment throughout are all vital for success when you are looking at solar panels for business or solar panels for your farm. Our understanding of commercial solar sustainable building design and experience working with a wide range of build materials, structural restrictions and ascetic sensitivities means that we can design and deliver solar photovoltaic systems which satisfy the Co2 reduction requirements and harmoniously integrate with building’s design. Get in touch today with your retrofit project requirement. 

Whatever your industry Your Eco has you covered

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Office Buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Public Sector

The Solar Return on Investment

Commercial Solar PV Case Studies

Retrofitting photovoltaic panels creates a solar roof that produces electricity for the building’s use, and brings all the benefits of low maintenance renewable energy generation to your project.

The primary consideration is to the additional weight loading and wind uplift factors that the PV array will impose and the capacity of the building’s structure to support the new provision.  Please visit our case studies below and drop us a line at to get started on your next project.

A closer look at a recent project at the University of Bath.

University of Bath 8kW Solar PV System

Rooksbridge, Frocester Engineering

Commercial Retro-fit Solar PV

“We have been very pleased to have engaged Your Eco to carry out our commercial solar project. The initial pricing and financial exercise was very useful, the guys were very knowledgeable and produced a clear business case for the project. Installation went very smoothly and we’re now looking forward to the system reducing our energy costs on an ongoing basis whilst also reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to our operations.” Anthony Locke, Frocester Engineering

Your Eco worked closely with the main contractor to coordinate the installation within a stringent site schedule to ensure it was delivered to time, and costings budget.  Delivered in a week long programme with AC works being conducted by the on-site M&E contractor to ensure the scheme was value engineered to the benefits of all involved.  The solar modules were wired into a 3 phase string inverter which were mounted just below the roof space.  This placement allows the DC routes kept short, reducing voltage losses.  The project also incorporated a generation meter which measures the total kWh generated by the array.  The designers needed to take into account various planning and project management tools to coordinate a precise on-time delivery, the Your Eco way.

Shiplake College

Commercial Retro-fit Solar PV

“Shiplake College was a solar PV project delivered for the Henley independent day and boarding school as part of a re-roofing scheme undertaken during the summer holiday period. Your Eco were contracted to design a system that would meet with the end users requirements that could be seamlessly included within the programme of works to remove and reinstate the sports hall roof.”

Several options were presented with a 41.6 kW array ultimately being decided upon to be installed across both east and west aspects of the hall. Though this produces a slightly lower yield than that of due south the low pitch of the roof ensures generation can take place throughout the day thereby providing more useable and consistent electricity production. The system itself consisted of 265 Wp Trina black modules and 2 x Huawei inverters along with a trapezoidal roof mounting system.  The new clean energy ‘power plant’ will go to future proofing electricity costs and providing a renewable power source to the sports hall and surrounding offices and classrooms fed by that meter and supply.

Barton Rocks, National Trust 

Retro-fit Solar PV

“We are delighted to be able to work with our partners and conduct this project for the National Trust to be able to benefit from the use of sustainable energy and a reduced carbon footprint at this site.  We’d be delighted to look at further properties where the reliance on unsustainable power sources is an issue in rural areas. ” Nick Spicer, Sustainability & Development Lead

A 4.72 kW system using 16 Trina 295 Wp mono triple black modules for the National Trust at Barton Rocks, their Somerset Countryside Offices.  The system was installed as part of a site regeneration project including a new roof with one of our construction partners.  The site used a single phase electricity supply, but with a larger DC element above 4 kilowatts to provide maximum levels of generation throughout the year, notably during the shoulder months.  Trina solar modules were used to provide market leading quality along with enhanced aesthetics through the triple black panels.   The project was a 1960’s/70’s steel framed farm building with a single skin asbestos cement sheet roof covering. As part of this project the asbestos cement is being replaced with a single skin anti-condensation steel sheet covering, and the  installation of the solar PV panels on the south facing slope.

Hear from our school children why Solar needs to be playing a part in our clean energy future.

School Solar