Consultancy & Programme Management

From local authority feasibility studies through to the delivery of international projects for NGOs, Your Eco thrives in austere and demanding environments. Your Eco has the experience, know how, and project management to push the clean technology to its limits of uses in such places.  From energy storage, solar and hydro in the Himalayas, to multiple asset clean energy portfolios we have you covered. The future of technology helping those in greatest need.

Your Eco Consultancy Services

  • feasibility studies

  • programme management

  • due diligence

  • overseas delivery in remote and austere environments

Teignbridge County Council Solar PV Feasibility Study

“The council is seeking to promote the use of clean, renewable sources and working toward carbon reduction programmes as part of their ongoing strategy.”

Teignbridge District Council commissioned Your Eco to conduct the feasibility study in Newton Abbot, Devon for multiple PV schemes to understand the opportunities, and make recommendations ahead of the end of FiT.  This reports allows the council to make an informed decision on financial expenditure with regards to return on investment.

Lapubesi, Nepal

“Upon reconnection this was the first time power had been restored to the area in 3 years.  This power restoration allowed the villagers to remove the use of dangerous kerosene lamps in particular.  The connectivity also provided further educational resources and facilities improving the content delivered to the children of the village.”

2 x solar PV systems and re-commissioning a 30 kW micro-hydro scheme in the village of Lapubesi, which sits within the Gorkha Region of Nepal. This was near the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake and saw widespread devastation with villages and communities needing to completely rebuild.  Nepal has only a 53% electrification rate with 76% dependant on fuelwood for cooking. The country has a 65.9% literacy rate with 30% of the population living on under $14 per day.   

  • Yield – 11,000 kWh of electricity produced annually from the two solar systems
  • CO2 – 5,797 kg reduction in harmful emission rates per annum
  • Kerosene Lamps – equivalent to offsetting 33,000 lamps every year
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction – comparable to saving of 20,065 miles driven annually