Operations & Maintenance

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  • performance modeling down to hourly generation
  • Provide a recommendation for which additional loads should be diverted onto the PV MPAN to ensure all generation is consumed on site
  • utilise the half hourly data from MPANS on site and aggregated to hourly data. Then columnise the demand and profile showing generation from PV against demand from the MPANS on an hourly basis across the year

  • provide an overview in graphical format with associated detail of demand v generation and highlighting which loads from other MPANS should be loaded onto with the PV connected

Your Eco's maintenance visit will include a qualified electrical technician performing a visual initial inspection of your system and tests of the electrical integrity . The O&M team will review data collected, address demand v consumption balancing, and any fault codes identified. A thorough shading analysis will also be conducted before a detailed report is delivered with our recommendations for works, which will be negotiated.

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Operation & Maintenance Packages Below

Solar PV O&M Baileys Caravans Case Study

Solar PV Monitoring

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Solar PV Operations & Maintenance Solar Case Studies – Commercial and Residential

TMD Technologies

Commercial Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

Your Eco agreed to the O&M package to maintain this system, working on an annual fee with monthly payments on a cost plus percentage basis for any works required allowing the client full transparency in the process and value for money.

TMD is a leading UK firm working in the Defence & Aerospace industry with a 0.5 MW roof mounted solar PV system within the M25 of London..  TMD are at the fore of cutting edge technology so require an optimally balanced system to deal with the rigours and demands of on-site demand.  The project included Trina modules with embedded Tigo smart optimisers and Schneider inverters. Your Eco were able to be monitor remotely down to panel level ensuring the arrays performing optimally.  

Baileys Caravans

Commercial Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

“A great project to return to with actual performance in line with original forecasting, proving quality is again justified in ensuring returns are realised and in effective management of the scheme.”  

Your Eco has been involved with this scheme for several years.  The project entailed inspection and O&M for a 230 kw rooftop mounted system with Huawei inverters accessed remotely and connected via bluetooth technology.  Your Eco are able to check panels to string level with voltage readings and associated data. The project provides online monitoring through a real time client desktop and/or smartphone app. 

Filwood Business Park

Commercial Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

“Producing a detailed client report including performance to date and revised financial forecast against initial projections with recommendations to enhance system performance.”

Working with Bristol County Council, Your Eco commissioned the inspection and cleaning of 135 kWs of solar PV spread across multiple roofs, including module cleaning through the using cherry pickers.  Provided top of the range solar panel cleaning, ensuring no detergents or abrasives where used whilst utilising environmentally friendly, organic solar panel cleaning fluid.

Avon Portfolio 

Residential Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

“Your Eco were able to manage and oversee a complex residential portfolio of renewable energy assets including leases, warranty details, meters submissions and all aspects of compliance before the sale to a major industry player.”

A 200 home solar generating asset portfolio across Bristol, Bath and South Wales.  Through a Downing LLP investment vehicle Your Eco carried out the due diligence ahead of the portfolio sale to Aviva.