New Build Solar PV

Can Your Eco help with your next Construction Project?

Our expert commercial delivery team has delivered some of the most challenging commercial solar PV installations to tight deadlines. We are use to working in complex construction environments with significant H&S challenges alongside a range of other contractors and building professionals.  We understand the need to be concise, on budget, and allow you to tender the solar PV element of your project with ease.

Your Eco can help your next renewable energy requirement by

  • delivering against BREEAAM requirements

  • working with you to deliver against specification

  • value engineering for cost-effective delivery

Our design team understand the importance of working with market leading software such as AutoCAD and BIM and so whether you are a local contractor or a global design & engineering consultant, our team can ensure our designs, drawings and schematics will be in a format that can be easily incorporated with your systems.   At Your Eco our core strength is our ability to deliver projects efficiently. We understand as construction programmes can be subject to change, so we work with you to ensure that we can be reactive and flexible.  Please get in touch today so we can help with your next renewable energy requirement.

New Build Solar PV Case Studies


Commercial New Build Solar PV

“It’s important we work closely with our partners and develop enduring relationships that enable us to provide real value from initial design and specification stage through to the on-site delivery. This approach let’s us provide an efficient process affording reduce costs and coordination by working in an aligned manner with mutual benefits.” Director, Your Eco 

Your Eco worked closely with the main contractor to coordinate the installation within a stringent site schedule to ensure it was delivered to time, and costings budget.  Delivered in a week long programme with AC works being conducted by the on-site M&E contractor to ensure the scheme was value engineered to the benefits of all involved.  The solar modules were wired into a 3 phase string inverter which were mounted just below the roof space.  This placement allows the DC routes kept short, reducing voltage losses.  The project also incorporated a generation meter which measures the total kWh generated by the array.  The designers needed to take into account various planning and project management tools to coordinate a precise on-time delivery, the Your Eco way.

Honda Formula 1

Commercial New Build Solar PV

“On-site energy generation from solar PV is being embraced by businesses and organisations alike due to the delivery of significant and lasting reductions in operating costs and cuts in carbon emissions.”

Completed at the Honda Formula 1 factory the design team understood straightaway the most dynamic of businesses need to monitor their overheads effectively.  The installation formed part of a series of works undertaken from full technical design with industry leading software through to installation, testing and commissioning and subsequent certification and O&M.

Hadwen Medical Centre

Commercial New Build Solar PV

“Working in close collaboration with multiple contractors to deconflict the M&E and ManSafe requirement on a busy roof, along with ensuring the systems meets with the architects approval and specification for the project.  YEC were able to understand the operational implications of working around a busy medical centre.  This was coupled with a well balanced system to enable PV generation throughout the day when the patients need it most.”  Q.S IntoHeat

A medical centre in Gloucester have embraced solar whilst looking after the area’s patients in the NHS.  This new project will provide savings on running costs. These benefits will be used to reduce the cost of using the facilities at the Glevum Way Surgery, providing the best possible energy procurement at minimum cost.
This local centre can harness the energy making capability of the sun, making a smart business choice and a beacon for sustainability to others in the area.  Smart thinking, smart business in this green, savvy local community healthcare practice.

Stafford Street 

Residential New Build Solar PV

“This system was designed using a low ballast mounting system to minimise loadings at roof level along with the use of Tigo optimisers which are embedded within the Trina smart modules. This allows for optimal performance and output from each panel which can be monitored at individual level. Another key feature of this system allows for DC isolation at panel level, thereby providing significantly enhanced fire safety measures.”

This was a scheme delivered in partnership with a sister electrical company working with a developer building a new block of flats. This was the second stage of the development for which we also installed another PV array on the initial phase next door.

We installed a 10.6 kW system using 40 x Trina 265 Wp Smart modules and a Huawei inverter. The benefit of these modules provided enhanced fire safety measures with DC isolation at roof level on every panel along with maximising yield generation. Through establishing the array on the Tigo portal its facilitates ease of operation and monitoring by seeing the performance real time of each module individually. It also allows the end user to take comfort that the system is working in line with expectations so that they can keep track of generation and provide detailed outputs on their carbon savings.