UK overshoots yearly carbon budget 8 May 2019

UK Overstays its Carbon Budget for 2019

Today on 8 May is the UK’s Overshoot Day.  This means that the United Kingdom for the rest of 2019 is living outside the planetary boundaries and is stealing (because you don’t borrow something you can’t return), the carbon budgets from future generations and people in developing countries.  The Global Overshoot day is around the 1st of August, but those in more developed countries will hit their days earlier.  This must come to an end.  We must act collectively for climate justice.  We must move the date.  

Your Eco delivers renewable energy systems and consultancy services in the UK, and works overseas in a sustainable development capacity.

Why Solar PV for your business?

  • Funding – 100% fully funded with the VAT deferred 3-months to enable its recovery through your quarterly submission before paying it out.
  • Monitoring – Online Solar Edge monitoring system through a smartphone, tablet and/or laptop providing the real-time performance to module level and with the ability to set alarms to enable reactive maintenance
  • Maintenance – Your Eco will provide training to your in-house nominated individuals on the requirement so that any works, in the unlikely event they be required can be undertaken reactively in accordance with the monitoring system alarms and product warranties.
  • Warranties – Product warranty from the manufacturers on core components (modules and mounting 10-years, inverters 12-years and optimisers 25-years) and performance warranty of 25-years on modules ensure risks are mitigated on damage or failure. Note in addition we have only proposed bankable manufacturers (Solar Edge inverter/optimisers and Van der Valk mounting) with Trina being recognised as the world’s most financially solar panel for the 3rd year running by Bloomberg.
  • Planning – No planning required with the system falling under permitted development based on; not being within a conservation area, panels being 1m in from buildings edge and panels not higher than 1m from the highest point of the roof (they sit flush with the roof and below the ridge). You have several neighbours with PV installed including the Constabulary building which I was involved in and oversaw several years ago.
  • CSR – In a period of an increased need to act in the fight against climate change, the deployment of solar can both help off-set carbon within the business and demonstrate a positive intent and an underlying CSR commitment to your customers who are increasingly looking at ethical supply-chains and services providers.

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Your Eco offers Tesla Powerwall to its customers

Your Eco pick up Tesla Powerwall

Your final design and pricing will be based on your electrical panel, home energy usage, number of Powerwalls, and where you’d like your Powerwall installed. Typical installation costs approx £8,000 excluding VAT. This does not include solar installation, electrical upgrades (if necessary), taxes, permit fees, or any retailer / connection charges that may apply. This estimate excludes a 20% value-added tax.Tesla Powerwall is a great addition to Your Eco products and services from a global leading manufacturer who are at the fore of the low carbon pursuit, and a positive disruptive innovator in the sector.  Powerwall is unique from a cost perspective delivering unrivalled capabilities to the homeowner, or can be aggregated to an industrial or agricultural application.  If looking for a battery storage product with or without an existing solar PV system Your Eco’s team can help deliver your power needs.

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Your Eco shortlist for Eco Environmental Building award in Nepal utilising an energy storage system in a Himalayan school

Your Eco are finalists for the Bristol Post / Bath Chronicle Environmental Awards suppling Himalayan school with Clean Energy Storage


Your Eco have been shortlisted for the Eco Environmental Building Year award with the quality of entries stronger than ever. The regions largest and most prestigious green business awards celebrates the green economy’s most exciting and innovative achievements from the past 12 months. “As a small business paving our way in the renewables industry, we are delighted to be recognised for the quality of our services at such a prestigious event” said Nick Spicer, Chief Executive Officer for Your Eco.

The winners were announced at an awards ceremony and dinner with a turnout of over 100 leading figures from this region of green business, investments, politics and campaigning. The event will be held in At Bristol on Thursday 10 November.  Thank you to sponsors Low Carbon Southwest, Alec French Architects, Bath Spa University, University of Bristol, Halsall Construction, CFH Docmail Ltd, Ecosurety, and @Bristol Science Centre.

Project Overview

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by another 7.3 magnitude earthquake just 2 weeks later. More than 8,500 people were killed and 850,000 homes were destroyed. In the following months a Southwest England based renewable energy group have realised the role clean energy can play in bridging the gap for some of the world’s most vulnerable and isolated indigenous people.

On the 20th of March a group from Your Eco headed off with Team Rubicon, an ex-military disaster relief charity, to undertake a much-needed service project for a remote village in the Himalayas. Your Eco currently allow their employees 10 days off per year paid to undergo charity work as part of their mantra of “People, Planet, Profit.”

Deploying on Operation Nirman (the Nepalese word for build) the group was led by ex-infantry officer Nick Spicer, who was 2nd in command for the Team Rubicon operation & COO of Your Eco. The project which focussed on a school build, connecting an off-grid solar system and laying the groundwork to recommission the hydro-electric power turbine. Nick led the 2.5 hour trek into the mountains with all the solar gear including the battery storage unit which was hauled up the mountain on bamboo canes by a ten man team and modules via a collection of mule trains and individuals. The group was pulled together with the generosity of Your Eco’s suppliers; Trina Solar provided the solar modules, ZED Energy and Fitcraft the battery storage unit and Sunfixings the mountings for the off-grid system.

Nick Spicer of Your Eco has been speaking today: “It is vital we are demonstrating what can happen when NGO’s and the commercial world work to bring a real tangible difference to those who need it most. By allowing access to clean energy and providing energy storage it can alleviate some of the problems associated with less sustainable energy options. I couldn’t be more proud to have led such an important project to help those affected by some of the worst natural disasters.”

The Himalayan nation, stuck between China and India, has little known oil, natural gas, or coal reserves. The recent oil shortage being caused by a blockade has shown the area where renewables can comfortably occupy the market. Most of Nepal’s 31 million people lack access to the electric grid, which can be very expensive to expand in remote and hilly regions. Even those with access often face rolling blackouts that can last more than 12 hours a day. The connection to an off-grid solar PV system with energy storage created the electrical infrastructure to enable the school to have access to technology, and the ability for traveling medics to bring much needed medical supplies to the remote area. Through a 9 kWhr storage capacity and excellent irradiance levels the solar PV system will provide more than sufficient capacity to meet the school’s energy demands whilst providing a surplus for the local community.

Jamie O’Nians Your Group CEO has said, “with the recent Paris Climate agreement the deployment of clean energy sources continues to build the profile of how these technologies can be flexible in some of the most difficult climates. Rural electrification can make such a tangible difference to some of the most vulnerable world populations.” More info at www.yourgroupuk.com